Accessing Your Free Boiler

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Boiler is a cylinder for heating water. Free boiler on benefits is therefore a government ECO scheme where home owners and private tenants are able to have their old non trustworthy boiler replaced free of charge. If you qualify for the then you are immediately contacted and the installation of the boiler begins. With the free boiler grants you do not have to pay back any money since mainly targets the low income earners to access home efficiency, reduces cost of heating and amount of carbon dioxide released in the air with the old boiler.

The few requirement need for the qualification for the free boiler on benefits and these are receiving of non-income related benefits (pension premium, employment support, disability living allowance and been responsible of a child under 16 years of age), working tax credit (over 60 years old), and monthly take home of 1250 pounds within the last one year.


It is a free guarantee service that you do not need to pay back. The boiler free on benefits is a government approved scheme since it’s the government itself sponsoring it. Applying of any grant is tiresome and hard but with the terms and conditions been made easier it is less than 5 minutes applying for the free boiler on benefits scheme. The person data you provide is guarantee to be protected and secured by the government. The new boiler been installed also comes with new controls that are installed if the previous one are inefficient.


The boiler hoping to be replaced must be 5 years and above. The engineer has to give his or her verdict that it faulty, inefficient to carry out any activity of heating water and its beyond economical repair. Boiler model approved in the free boiler on benefits:

– Combi boiler. It is gas heating water. Provide instant hot water at main pressure. You can only run one tap.

– System boiler. its recommended for larger houses who use more hot water therefor its economical to run because with the compact design you can run more than one tap at the same time.

– Conventional boiler. It is similar to system boiler but components like pumps and valves are placed externally next to the cylinder.

With the boiler free on benefits the current boiler must be LPG gas or oil boiler more than 5 years old since it was installed at your facility. This is a major offer from the government to help a particular group of people, with a range of benefits both in terms of quality heating for your home and reduced energy costs.