How to keep pets Happy and Healthy

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The care and affection animals give to humans have made them a great companion that is why pets are not just animals that live with us but they are an integral part of our lives. Their unconditional love has earned them a special place in our hearts and taking care of all their needs and wants is just the right way to show how grateful we are of them. Every pet owner would agree that they give a lot of thought on keeping their furry pals all healthy and happy and thus we have the answers for them.

Walks and healthy exercises:

Unlike many of us who frown upon even the thought of exercising, pets love it. They enjoy a good run in the open, climbing up the tree, even swimming as well. If it is an ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away’ for us humans, it is ‘a good time out exercising and walking a day keep pet away from the vets’ for our pet pals. So don’t laze around the couch playing fetch with your pets, move outside the four walls.

Right food:

It is a no-brainer that nutritious and well-balanced diet is the key to keeping pets healthy. According to vets at animal hospital Virginia Beach, our pets require over 40 different nutrients and vitamins. Feed your pet balanced diet to fulfil his nutrition requirements.

Don’t miss on their oral health:

A healthy pet is the one who is fit from teeth to tail. So, don’t overlook that bad breath or bleeding gum your pet is suffering from. Generally, bad breath and weak gums are signs of periodontal ailments which if left untreated can lead to serious health issues.


Several diseases like rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and panleukopenia can be prevented if proper vaccinations are given to the pets. Get in touch with veterinary clinic Virginia Beach to know more on the vaccinations and shots your pet needs.

Get them away from fleas:

Fleas and ticks can be very nasty and annoying for both you and your pet. If left unchecked, they can invite more server health issues for the pets, certainly making them unhappy. Keep a check on the fleas, get your pet regular flea control treatment.

Observe what they want to say:

Pets have almost magical instinct to read our moods and feelings. They know when we are happy or sad. The key to having a healthy and happy pet is to have a healthy relationship. Try to study the behaviour of your pet. Try to understand if they are in pain or suffering from any trauma. If you suspect anything wrong with your pet, bring them to veterinary clinic Virginia Beach for professional care.