About School Chairs and Desks

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A desk is a piece of furniture with a flat top usually for writing or studying. What separates a desk from a table is that a desk contains drawers or compartments. On the other hand, a chair is a piece of furniture with a raised surface that is supported by legs.

School chairs and desks are therefore made in such a way that they are able to complement each other. These tools are found in different school departments, classrooms and staffrooms.

Importance of School Chairs and Desks

Most people who are out of school usually tend to remember the common tools that they used to interact with. This implies the importance of these furniture in child memory development. First of all, chairs and desks, like other furniture, affect child performance in a number of ways. When a child sits on an uncomfortable seat, he/she is stressed up the whole lesson with minimal concentration. Similarly, if a child is comfortable with their seats and the studying desk, their concentration in class is improved and so is performance.

New ways of teaching and learning are emerging as technology advances. For example, to integrate the information and communication technology (ICT) in school syllabuses, the schools do not need to change or build new classes – chairs and desks can be modified to accommodate the necessary change. These furniture items provide comfort to children. This helps in avoiding neck and back pains which would otherwise cause permanent damages. Any permanent damage has a negative effect on education. Desks are convenient for storing books and other learning materials. This helps in their retrieval hence saving greatly on time.

What to Consider when Acquiring School Desks and Chairs

Ensure they meet the set out furniture standards such as the BSEN1729 which ensures that classroom tables, desks, chairs and other furniture are made in the required shape, size and material.

Health and Safety

Whatever the size or shape of a desk or chair, it has to be safe and comfortable for both the students and the staff. Comfortable furniture enhances concentration and reduces learners’ misbehaviour.

Strength and Durability

School chairs and desks ought to be strong. This is because they are subject to all kind of misuse by children. When acquiring new furniture, check out for the ones that are made of strong material.

Purpose fitness

Whether the chairs and desks are intended for use by students, staff or any other purpose, they should be able to fit for that purpose.

Functionality and Mobility

With the emerging educational dynamics, furniture mobility especially in a classroom is of great consideration. Chairs and desks should not be fixed in a way that it becomes hard for a learner to move them around.

School chairs and desks are an integral part of the learning process in the modern education system. They play a key role in child development and that is why great consideration should be done before acquiring them.